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Which Tarot/Oracle Deck Is Right For You

by Rev. Joe Estes

Very often the most common question I am asked is "Which tarot deck is a good beginner deck?" I should mention this question is also asked about oracle decks with the querent realizing the difference between the two decks.

When I was beginning to work with the tarot I tried looking for a beginner deck as if there was some invisible rule governing the selection of a deck. I did not realize at the time that the deck had to speak to me, or put another way I had to feel connected to the deck. I was overwhelmed by the number of different decks out there to choose from. And to be honest it is overwhelming to realize there are literally thousands of decks out there to select from, especially when you are a novice.

First I want to point out that tarot decks are different from oracle decks. Tarot decks have structure. Oracle decks do not have structure.

Tarot has the major arcana and the minor arcana as well as the four suites. The four suites are usually broken down as 'Swords', 'Coins', 'Staffs', and 'Swords'.

Many people usually recommend the Rider-Waite Tarot or the Robinwood Tarot as beginner decks because that is what they were told in the past. So an individual will buy one of the two decks and try to work with by following the enclosed instruction booklet that came with it. Often they become discouraged because the tarot deck does not feel special. They look at the image on the card, read what the booklet tells them what the card means and wonder why it does not make sense to them. And there is disconnect between the individual and their new tarot deck. And the deck is stuffed away into a drawer or some other dark place and forgotten about.

First off for a tarot or oracle deck to work with you, you have to feel a connection with that deck. In other words you have to feel like you have to have that deck. The reason why there are so many different style's or theme's of decks is that what appeals to me may not appeal to you. While I may like decks with a cat theme, you may like something different like fairies. The deck that you feel drawn to, that you keep going back to, is the deck that will work best with and for you. If you do not have that connection from the beginning the deck will not work for you no matter hard you try.

When a deck 'calls out to you' or 'speaks to you' you will know it. You will keep going back to it and looking at or holding it in your hands and unable to put it down. The online equivalent of this would be book marking it or emailing the page to yourself and you keep going back and looking at it.

In conclusion the best way to select the best tarot deck for you is to go with the flow. Choose the deck that appeals to you. Whether it is a tarot deck or oracle deck makes no difference. When a deck speaks to you and you can not get it out of your mind you are meant to work with that deck. The tarot or oracle deck that you feel like you must have is the deck will have the most meaningful messages for you.

We give you sample pictures of the cards from each deck that we offer for sale so that you can make an informed decision about which deck is best for you. All of the decks we sell come with instruction booklets.

Rev. Joe Estes

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