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Limited Edition Starman Tarot Deluxe

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Limited Edition Starman Tarot Deluxe Limited Edition Starman Tarot Deluxe
Limited Edition Starman Tarot Deluxe

Item Number: 9780738759838

$ 100.00 each

Weight: 5.00 lbs

by Davide De Angelis, inspired by the artwork he created for David Bowie

The most eagerly anticipated tarot kit of the year! In 1995, David Bowie and Davide De Angelis began collaborating on album art for Bowie's album Outside, a creative working relationship that endured for more than seven years and spanned a number of projects, including the development of art for the album Earthling and concepts for stage sets, books, products, and art shows. Inspired by their years-long creative collaboration, Davide De Angelis has produced a fascinating tarot deck, decades in the making, that expertly weaves together intricate sacred geometries, alchemy, magic, and the sacred teachings of the world's mystery traditions. This deck is a must-have for collectors and a perfect reading deck designed to help you connect with spirit and energize your creative projects.

Special Limited and Numbered Edition (1500 copies in the US)

Special Features Exclusive to the Limited Edition:

  • A unique, luxurious, cube-shaped box, opening like a treasure chest
  • Larger cards (3.3 x 6.3) with gilded edges
  • 48-page, 6 x 6 art book with metallic paper
  • Hard cover, full-color, 192-page companion book with gilded edges
  • Certification cards with numbered edition

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